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Energy Factory offers the licensed electricians you need whether you are renovating an existing house or building a new one. Energy Factor Electrical & Air Conditioning can help you wire your house from top to bottom. From repairing a malfunctioning outlet to updating the wiring and service, we offer a wide range of home improvement services in Indooroopilly.

We provide the following solutions:

  • All AC brands supplied and installed
  • Modernization of the Switchboard
  • High-quality closed-circuit television
  • New installation of smoke alarms
  • Upgrade of PowerPoint and switch
  • Upgrading the Electrical System

Air Conditioning Installation

It’s a nightmare if your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer. When it’s sweltering outside, you will need air conditioning to keep your family cool and comfortable inside. The opposite is true when the air conditioner fails, which creates a frustrating scenario that no one wants. Installation of air conditioning, split air conditioning service, maintenance, and repair are all available from Energy Factory in Indooroopilly at a reasonable and affordable price. This includes building work, as well as the installation of air conditioning and central cooling systems.

Split air conditioners of various brands are serviced in Indooroopilly. We do everything from supply and installation of air conditioning to service and gas replenishing of air conditioning units. You can make adjustments or repairs to your air conditioner at any time.

Home appliance repair, upkeep, and installation are all part of what we do in Indooroopilly. We promise affordable, high-quality services! Set up an appointment with us and dedicate some time to it. Upon arrival, our skilled handymen will be equipped with all of the essential equipment.

Indooroopilly Switchboard Refurbishment

You’ll have to replace your switchboard if you wish to buy new or larger appliances or if your house needs a new power outlet. Ceramic fuses and aging switchboards pose a serious safety risk since they can melt and cause fires. For your family’s safety, get a free switchboard update quotation today.

Your switchboard serves as the central node for all electrical distribution in your house. Your switchboard, which gets power from the street, directs the current through the numerous circuits in and around your home. Your switchboard is the starting point for a safe electrical system in your house. Upgrading your switchboard is a small investment in the protection of your family. Contact us if you want a second opinion on your switchboard. Don’t wait to have your old switchboard replaced to ensure the safety of your family.

If your switchboard is dangerous, we will assess its safety and provide you with a date for your next update, or we can upgrade it right immediately if it is not yet due for a replacement.

Indooroopilly CCTV Cameras of the Highest Quality

CCTV cameras are an excellent tool to monitor and protect your property from unauthorized entry, break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism. As a result of CCTV cameras’ unparalleled advantages and accompanying surge in demand, their capabilities evolve with more advanced features. Having a good CCTV system protects your property from hazards like burglaries and invasions, as well as helping to keep everyone who lives there healthy and safe. When there is a high amount of aggression or harassment, this is extremely helpful to have on hand.

Because of the knowledge that their activities will be recorded, captured, and disciplined, criminals will be deterred by CCTV cameras. There are many types of properties that Energy Factory can help you with, including commercial and domestic. Our engineers are all security industry specialists who keep various parts, equipment, and service kits in their vans because criminals don’t wait for repairs to be finished. In Indooroopilly, we can help you with CCTV services, security cameras, and CCTV systems.

Smoke Alarm Installation Indooroopilly

Installing smoke detectors should be one of the first things you do while taking care of your property because many other things may require immediate attention. It’s only logical that you’d want to keep your home as safe as possible after investing so much money and effort into it.

If you contact us to install smoke detectors in Indooroopilly, you won’t have to worry about whether or not we did it correctly. Our electricians have the necessary training and experience to install your alarm systems safely and quickly. When the protection of your family is the thing, you want to work with a company that has experience in the sector. With our years of expertise and leadership in safety and compliance, we are the best in the business. With our help, you won’t have to worry about the procedure and will fully comply with the new rules. Allow us to support you by being present.

Switch Upgrade and Indooroopilly PowerPoint Upgrade

Adding a power outlet or several power outlets to your house is a simple process. Many homeowners already have a handyman on hand and are contemplating doing the job themselves. This job is illegal and could be dangerous if done by you; instead of taking the risk, call in the pros at Energy Factory. When it comes to electrical work, two things should never be overlooked: certification and insurance. Most likely, you violate local construction codes without being aware of it. Consider the possibility that your insurance company will deny your claim because of shoddy wiring. That’d be terrible. Most homeowners dread this, but it has happened. To avoid this, please get in touch with us, and our professionals will provide you with the services you require and the amount of labor necessary to complete them.

Upgrading the Electrical System in Indooroopilly

There are several reasons to upgrade your mains power, such as installing ducted air conditioning, using large machineries like printing presses or high-end audiovisual equipment, or renovating an older structure. Energy Factory in Indooroopilly may be able to assist you with this. A certified electrician only performs Mains power upgrades in Indooroopilly because anybody else is forbidden from performing this type of electrical work.

When using high-power gadgets or electrical equipment, it’s best to upgrade to mains power if you don’t want to overload it. Booking an update today will prevent you from putting your expensive equipment at risk of being forced to use faulty equipment. Our experts will check the safety and appropriateness of your power source before use. We will send one of our fully qualified Electricians to your location whenever you need a mains power upgrade installed.

At Indooroopilly’s Energy Factory, we’re here to help with new construction and remodeling projects of any size. We’ll do everything we can to stay within your project’s budget. We will analyze the condition and provide you with an accurate quotation if you need any electrical work. To ensure your home is safe, all of our employees must follow specific work practices and guidelines. We want to leave a nice and orderly workspace when we’re done.

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