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If you renovate your old house or build a new one, we have the licensed electricians you need. With the help of Energy Factor Electrical & Air Conditioning, you may completely wire your home. Our Domestic Services in Sunnybank range from fixing a faulty outlet to entire wiring and service improvements and even encompass lighting installation and switchboard upgrading.

Our services consist of the following:

  • Supply and install all AC brand
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • High quality CCTV
  • smoke alarm annual test and new installation
  • Power point and switch upgrade
  • Mains upgrade

Air Conditioning Installation Sunnybank

Breaking your air conditioner during the summer can be a nightmare. During scorching hot weather, air conditioning is essential for keeping you and your family comfortable indoors.

When the air conditioner breaks down, though, it becomes an irritating situation that no one wants. Energy Factory in Sunnybank can provide truly reasonable and competitive

  • air conditioning installation,
  • split air conditioning servicing,
  • maintenance and
  • repair services,
  • and building work,
  • Including air conditioning and central cooling system installation.

In Sunnybank, we service all brands of split air conditioners. We perform all types of air conditioning maintenance, from air conditioning supply and installation to air conditioning unit service and gas refilling. At any time, you can adjust or repair your air conditioner.

We are a well-known business in Sunnybank that offers complete home appliance repair, maintenance, and installation services. We guarantee high-quality services at a reasonable price! All you have to do is make an appointment with us and set aside some time. Our expert handymen will arrive at your home with all of the necessary tools.

Switchboard Upgrade Sunnybank

If you want to purchase new or larger appliances or need a new power outlet in your home, you will need to replace your switchboard. If your switchboard is old or you still have ceramic fuses, this is a hazard that has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Get a free quote for a switchboard update today to keep your family safe.

The core hub of your home’s electrical distribution is your switchboard. The current is directed via the numerous circuits in and around your home by your switchboard, which receives power from the street. It’s critical to have a safe electrical system in your home, and it all starts with your switchboard. For the sake of your family’s safety, an upgrade to your switchboard is a small expenditure. If you’d want a professional opinion on your switchboard, please give us a call. Make sure you replace your old switchboard before it’s too late to protect your family.

If your switchboard is hazardous, we will evaluate it for safety and offer a date for your next update, or we can upgrade it right away if it is.

High-Quality CCTV Sunnybank

Unauthorized access, break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism are all risks to your property, and CCTV cameras are one of the finest ways to monitor and safeguard it. The capabilities of CCTV cameras are developing with enhanced features due to their unequaled benefits and a subsequent spike in demand. A successful CCTV system guards against risks like burglaries and invasions and aids in the maintenance of a healthy and safe environment for all property inhabitants. This is especially useful in situations where there is a high level of violence and harassment.

CCTV cameras will deter such acts because perpetrators will be aware that their activities will be recorded, captured, and disciplined. Our services include all types of properties at Energy Factory, from professional installation through monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. Because criminals do not wait for repairs to be completed, all of our engineers are security industry experts who carry a broad range of components, equipment, and service kits on their vans to ensure that repairs are completed quickly. We can assist you with house CCTV services, security cameras, and CCTV cameras at Sunnybank.

Smoke Alarm and New Installation Sunnybank

Many things do not demand immediate care when caring for your property, but installing smoke detectors should be one of them. It’s only reasonable that you want to protect your house as much as possible as you have made your house by spending a lot of money and time.

If you hire us in Sunnybank to install smoke detectors, you won’t have to stress whether we have done it correctly or not. Our electricians are educated and prepared to securely and efficiently install your alarms. When it comes to your family’s safety, you want to make sure you’re working with an industry expert like us. We are the industry leaders in terms of safety and compliance, with decades of experience. We can take the stress out of the procedure and ensure that you comply with the new regulations. Please be with us so that we can assist you.

PowerPoint and Switch Upgrade Sunnybank

It is not difficult to add a power outlet or even more power points to your home. There are a lot of homeowners with a handyman on their hands who might consider completing the work themselves. Please note that doing this work yourself is unlawful and potentially dangerous, so it’s best to hire a professional like Energy Factory. When it comes to electrical work, certification and insurance are two things you should never forget. There’s a good chance you are breaking building codes without even realizing it. Imagine being told by your insurance company that your claim will not be paid because your wiring was not professionally done. That would be devastating. This is something that most homeowners fear, but it has occurred. So to avoid this contact us and our experts will satisfy you as per your needs and amount of work.

Mains Upgrade Sunnybank

Install ducted air conditioning, use huge equipment like printing presses or high-end audiovisual equipment, or refurbish an older building are just some of the reasons you might want to improve your mains electricity. You can contact Energy Factory in Sunnybank to help you with it. Our licensed electrician performs Mains power upgrades in Sunnybank because it is prohibited for anybody else to perform this type of electrical work.

Mains power upgrades are recommended for people with high-power devices or electrical equipment they want to safeguard against being overloaded with power. Do not put your valuable equipment at risk or force yourself to operate with defective equipment by booking an update today. Our experts will verify that your power supply is appropriate and safe. Whenever you require a mains power upgrade, one of our electricians, all of whom are fully qualified Electricians, will be happy to come and install it for you.

For new construction and remodeling projects, our team at Energy Factory in Sunnybank can help. We will be working to keep your project in line with the allocated budget. If you require any electrical work, we will assess the situation and give you an exact price. Our staff adheres to strict work procedures and rules to keep your house safe while they are there. We aim to cause as little inconvenience as possible to your regular routines while yet leaving a neat and orderly workspace after we are done.

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